Finally…A Quick and Simple Way to Stop Being “Just Average” and Become an Alpha Male.

Plus The Tips and Tricks That Make Staying an Alpha Male Easier Than Boiling Water.


You Don’t Have to Be on Steroids to Get Strong and Look Powerful.

In fact, that’s the complete opposite of what you need. No expensive supplements. No 2-hour long marathon gym sessions. No “feeling the burn”. And absolutely no 30, 60, or 90 minute snooze fests on the elliptical.

Are you doing this now? Know someone who is? Let me guess…they spend 80%-90% of their free time either at the gym, planning on being at the gym, eating pre-cooked chicken breast, or pre-cooking the chicken breast so they can eat it later.

It doesn’t need to be like this anymore.

This is me in 2004, after 6+ years of the types of workouts I mentioned above. Everyday it was head to the gym, load up 45 pound plates on some random machine, and then do set after set until I felt it was time to move on to the next machine. Of course on Monday’s I benched, because it was international bench day, and afterwards would “blast my pecs” from every conceivable angle, because that’s what you’re supposed to do.

That IS what you’re supposed to do…right?

Besides having a very douchey look on my face, there is nothing spectacular about that photo. Hell…at the point that picture was taken I was near the end of Basic Training. Common sense would tell you I should be shredded to the bone from the sheer amount of exercise we were doing. But that’s not the way it worked out.

This picture to the left is after I cut out all of the inefficient and ineffective exercises. After six weeks of only training 3-4 hours a week I was leaner, stronger, and more powerful than I was after years of 2-hour marathon gym sessions every single day.

The first picture proves that even with hours upon hours upon hours of physical activity that you can still look wildly mediocre.

And that’s where the problem is. Mediocre. Middle of the road. Neither good nor bad. Just Average…

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About You…

You’re a lot like me. I can tell, because you’re reading this now.

Maybe you were a hot-shot athlete in high school…but quickly became “just another guy shooting hoops” after you graduated. Maybe you once had the ability to play a sport in college, but like the rest of us, lacked the ability to take it to the next level. Maybe you never played sports at all, but once the realities of adult life forced their way into your life you had to give something up, and your health/fitness was one of that sacrifice.

What it comes down to is this…

In at least one point in all of our lives we’ve been shown the harsh reality that we are nothing special. We were never a unique snow-flake, or a child prodigy, and most certainly not any type of royalty.

But we wouldn’t have it any other way!

For every person who gets handed everything they ever wanted, or told they were the most special of special children, or led to believe that the world revolves around them…there are hundreds, probably thousands, more who have had to EARN everything they got.

By clawing your way up from the depths of mediocrity, you build something that damn near 99% of the general population will never have…

An Alpha Male earns everything he has. Those who expect hand outs are destined to live a life full of average.

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What is an Alpha Male?

In nature, the Alpha Male is the leader of the pack. The top dog, the head lion, or the silverback Gorilla. The livilihood of his followers is 100% dependent on his leadership and the decisions he makes. Transferring this over to apply to people, an Alpha Male is a person who is supremely confident in his abilities and comfortable knowing that he can handle any situation thrown his way. Whether it’s speaking in front of hundreds of people, chasing down a purse snatcher, competing in any type of sporting event, or stopping traffic so he can help an old lady get across safely, his usual response is “Don’t worry…I got this.”

Aren’t most “Alpha Males” total douche-bags?

No. In fact, you can tell who IS NOT an Alpha Male by watching the way they act. If they demean people for no reason, put on acts that scream “look at me”, or generally act like a douche-bag then you know for a fact that they are NOT an Alpha Male.

If I buy this program will I magically get stronger/faster/more powerful after skimming through it once and then never taking action?

No. And as an Alpha Male you will know that anything worth having will take effort to achieve. Do the work, earn the privilege of being strong, fast, and powerful.

What if I’m an incredible, super advanced trainee…can I add 90-minutes of cardio before and after each training session?

No. The entire premise of this program is to get in and get out in under 60 minutes. Anything longer than that is unnecessary and means you’re not as focused as you need to be. Be aggressive, do the prescribed training, and then get on with your life.

I didn’t have to put in my mailing address. How do you know where to send it?

This is a digital product and it will be sent to your email address. You will also be provided a download link after purchasing.

Does this program take out any need for me to think about my training?

Yes and no. Yes in that you already have the plan laid out in front of you, all you need to do is execute it. No in that I don’t know your full situation (available equipment, restrictions, injuries, etc). That is where, in the program, I offer alternatives to the most common issues. If you’re issue isn’t mentioned, don’t over think it. Something is better than nothing and by trying something new you can work your way towards an ideal solution. If you’re really stumped, ask the question on the Alpha Male FTS Facebook Page and I’ll answer it.

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What You Get…

The Average Joe to Alpha Male program contains everything that has proven to be useful over the last 12+ years of  my training to become stronger, faster, and more powerful. There are many more methods that have been intentionally excluded for the sole reason that they don’t work.

Everything you’ll find in this program has proven itself countless times to be brutally effective and incredibly efficient.

The 4-part package includes…

Average Joe to Alpha Male Training Guide

In this you’ll find…

  • The 4 exercises that every training program should be based on to give you the most benefits and give you time to have a life outside of the gym.
  • How to set-up your workouts for when you’re feeling like you can take on the world, when you’re just feeling “meh”, and when you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck.
  • The way you’re body tells you it’s time to take a step back and get some rest.
  • How to get a workout done anywhere, anytime, and with or without equipment.


Average Joe to Alpha Male Exercise Database

This database outlines every exercise that is mentioned in the Training Program. With detailed descriptions and links to videos this database will answer any questions you have about any of the exercises and show you how to make the most gains in the least amount of time.


Average Joe to Alpha Male Training Logs

You don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been. Training logs are essentially to making progress and will show you exactly where you are today compared to 6, 12, or 18 weeks ago. No matter if you’re goal is to get stronger, get faster, or be more powerful, these training logs are set up and optimized for use with the Average Joe to Alpha Male program.



Average Joe to Alpha Male Quick Start Guide

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to create a training program from scratch.

This quick start guide is set up with multiple options, all dependent on where you are now and where you want to be.

The best part about the Quick Start Guide is that all you need to do is hit “Print” and you’ll be ready to start your journey from Average Joe to Alpha Male…


Lifetime Access to Updates and Additions

This training guide isn’t a one time thing. It’s what I use personally and with most of my in-person clients.  With the amount of time that is spent working by, with, and through this program it is constantly being improved on and updated.

Think of it as a Charter Membership. Buy now and you’ll have access to every edit, update, and edition that is ever made to this program.

You could just as easily wait until these updates are made…but the price will go up with each edition. Grab it now and save the cash.

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Nobody likes to feel lost or helpless. The information in these 4 components is concise, accurate, and most importantly…it’s actionable. What you see can be put into practice within the hour.

Take your fitness and health to the next level. Here’s your chance to become Alpha.


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So now you have a choice to make…

You can continue with the cycle of disappointment and defeat, trying one fad after another, never seeing any results (while your self-esteem and confidence sink further and further).

Or you can invest a modest sum of money in a foolproof, proven system for becoming the Alpha Male, and once and for allachieve your dream of more muscle, less fat, and the confidence to take on anything.

Remember, your investment is backed by a RISK FREE 100% money back guarantee. If after 6 weeks you feel the program hasn’t delivered the promised results just let us know and we’ll refund 100% of your investment.

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So you have nothing to lose… and mass amounts of strength to gain, fat to loss and confidence to build!

The choice is yours!  What’s it going to be…

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