Discover How to Be More Athletic, Be More Powerful, and Get Absolutely Shredded by Doing Sprints.

On This Page You’ll Find Out How to Easily, and Effectively, Lose All of That Extra Bodyfat Simply by Sprinting.

Hey Dude,

My name is Mike Inscho and I’m a Strength Coach who is absolutely obsessed with becoming the fastest, leanest, and most powerful athlete that I can be.

You’re looking for a way to get leaner, faster, and more athletic aren’t you? Lately, it hasn’t been enough to follow those crappy workouts you ripped out of a magazine. To make matters even worse the summer is almost over and you only have so much time to enjoy it outside. You don’t want to be the only one hanging out at the pool conveniently covered up with a shirt (that you’ve managed to sweat through because it’s hot as balls out) right?

If you do (and I know you do), the big secret at the end of this page will be easy to remember — AND it will benefit you for life, not just the next few weeks.

If you don’t, well then that’s too bad. Enjoy sweating through your shirt next summer too…

How To Rid Your Body of All the Jiggly Bits…

Do you have the body you want? If not, then it might be a good idea for you to think about how you can get it.

There are three possible results that will happen from any training program:

  1. You’ll do it for a day and then never think about it again.
  2. You’ll do it for a few days, maybe even a few weeks, but then decide to take a break. Next thing you know it’s a year later and you’re even heavier.
  3. You do the work consistently for a few months, see phenomenal results, and finally feel like you’ve broken the code to being lean, athletic, and have a social life.

Why do we care about these options? Because…

Group 1 is makes up about 80% of the population. These are your stereotypical “New Years Resolutioners” and the ones who tell everyone else it’s because they have “bad genetics”.

Group 2 is right around 19% of the population. These guys actually have some shred of self-control and will do the work…until it becomes to hard. Then they just quit and never start back up again.

Group 3 is the special 1% of the population. These are the guys who understand that consistent, concentrated effort is the key to being lean and athletic. These are the guys that everyone who chooses Group 1 or Group 2 are trying to be like.

I have a few questions for you…

How often do you find yourself in Group 1? What good did that do you?

How many times have you ever been in Group 2? How did it feel to have the minor improvements you made just wash away with time?

How many times have you found yourself in Group 3? How much better was your life? How would you like to stay in this 1%?

This training program is all about getting you into Group 3 and keeping you there.

So How Do We Get to Group 3?

Answer: You add sprinting to your weekly workout plan. Your week needs to be filled with equal parts of eating the right foods, lifting heavy weights, run short and intense sprints, and resting (ie. living your life) to do it all over again. Most people add in hours, and hours of extra training in an attempt to look lean and athletic, but they’re missing the point and failing miserably.

In other words…

They are eating right. They are lifting heavy weights. Hell, some might even be sprinting everyday. But they are failing because they don’t know how to optimize weight training and sprinting.

That’s a problem.

So we need to change the way we think about our training. We need to optimize what workouts we do on what day and make sure that the all fall into the right spot each week. To do this, your time spent training should actually decrease to see better results.

Sounds blasphemous, I know.

Creating That Shredded Body You Keep Dreaming About

There is nothing worse than seeing a training program that promises 6-pack abs, 20 inch arms, and a 600 pound bench press in as little as 16 minutes a day. What the people behind this program don’t tell you is that the guy who “does” this program couldn’t be more roided up even if he was in the USSR in the 80s AND that he doesn’t even do the program.

Seeing people put their faith in these programs is pure torture.

Some people actually put some thought into the training program they’re doing, but still fail to get the results they want. They’ll spend hours and hours researching exotic programs for all over the world and by the time they’re done they have a hodge podge program of methods and concepts that don’t even mesh together.

I’ve been there before. It’s difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming. And it results in some really crappy training programs.

So What Can You Do About It?

Think less and do less. Novel concept, right?

What constantly witness (and might be guilty of yourself) is people plowing full steam ahead towards a goal that they desperately want. The sad part is that what they are doing will NEVER take them where they want to be.

You can polish a turd all you want but it will always be a turd. No matter how hard you hope or wish.

This causes frustration. And hopelessness. And eventually the feeling that it just can’t be done.

This makes me a sad Mike.

Here’s How We’re Going to Fix All of This…

KINETIC is a highly specialized and incredibly effective combination of heavy lifting and short sprints meant to do only one thing…get you shredded and athletic.

You’ve Got Questions, I’ve Got Answers

Q: Why sprints? Why can’t I just hop on the elliptical after I lift weights?

A: Sprinting is much, much more effective than jumping on the elliptical. In fact, sprinting is more effective than any type of long, slow, boring-as-hell cardio. The combination if high intensity work and full rest does more for your body than being in constant motion for an hour. Even better, is you won’t feel sore or burned out afterwards. You’ll be refreshed and ready to attack.


Q: Can’t I just lift weights and eat less? I seriously hate running.

A: You could. But it won’t be as effective. The running in KINETIC is all under 400 meters anyways, that’s less than 1 lap on your standard outdoor track.


Q: I’ve bought programs before and always end up confused. Why should I even bother with KINETIC?

A: Well, KINETIC is 24 weeks of training broken up into 3 separate phases. Each phases lays out exactly what workout you’re supposed to do on what day, and the supporting documents tell you exactly how to do the warmup and how to do any exercises that are in the program. Basically, if you can read you can do this program.

Here’s What You Get…



KINETIC: Phase 1 – Learn everything you need to know to prime your body for any and every training session or athletic event. This progression of drills and movements is specifically choreographed to build on the drill before it to make sure your mind is right and your body is primed.





KINETIC: Phase 2 – Start your transformation right with this 8-week program designed to get your nervous and muscular system working together to get faster and leaner. Each workout builds upon the workouts before it to effectively increase your ability to get shredded.





KINETIC: Phase 3 – Keep the pace high with the second 8-week program. In Phase 3 we’ll put the finishing touches on your initial transformation and prepare your mind and body for the more demanding and intense training in Phase 4.





KINETIC: Phase 4 – Saving the best for last, Phase 4 is your last 8-week program specifically designed to fix any weak areas and show you exactly how far you’ve come in the last 24 weeks.






KINETIC Warmup #1 – Have everything you need to prime your body for any training session or athletic event in only a few pages.






KINETIC Warmup #2 – The more advanced version of the KINETIC Warmup that is outlined in Phase 1. Use this with Phase 4 and watch your body respond like you would never believe.






KINETIC Exercise Manual – A comprehensive list of every exercise mentioned throughout this program. Every exercise has a link to the YouTube video so you will never be confused about how to get the workout done.




All of these sold on their own run over $140 and only give you a piece of the puzzle. But when packaged together you get everything you need to get shredded and athletic for only $37.99.

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